We offer a proven track record representing both employers and individuals in a wide variety of employment matters. Our approach is to evaluate the business risks, financial impact, validity of the claim, and then provide a multi-tiered strategy for resolution. Our clients trust us with their most sensitive employment issues and claims. We are highly aware of the urgent nature of employment issues and are prepared for quick actions and creative approaches to resolve employer or employee disputes.

Employee / Employer Relations and Non-Compete Agreements

Representing Employers:  Helping you make difficult decisions about your employees including counseling, litigation, policies, and personnel disputes and what steps you can take to minimize the risk of a lawsuit.

Representing Employees:  Offering you legal counsel and advice on severance agreements, breach of employment contracts, or if you have a serious problem with your employer and need to take legal action.

Examples of Employment Legal Issues

• Non-Compete Clauses. Are you an employer that needs help protecting confidential proprietary business information?  We will work with you to implement protocols and draft employment agreements that create reasonable restrictions on employees. In the event of a breach of a non-compete by your former employee, we will quickly react by taking immediate legal action.

• Trade Secrets. Have you recently discovered that a former employee has taken your customer list or trade secrets?  We determine whether you have a valid claim and are entitled to money damages. We will also determine if an injunction is required to stop the use of your trade secrets. If you have been accused of taking someone else’s trade secret, we can assist you in evaluating your liability.

• Severance Agreements. Do you need to help crafting or reviewing a severance agreement? We negotiate a the terms of separation to provide a smooth transition for the employer and employee.

• Overtime. Are you concerned that you are not paying overtime wages properly? We review job descriptions to ensure your employees are properly classified under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

• Unpaid Wage Compensation. Has an employee raised concerns about unpaid wages? We handle all types of wage-related issues including unpaid commissions or paid less than is required by law.

• Wrongful Termination. Are you an employee who believes they were wrongfully terminated?  We provide legal counsel and advice on retaliation, discrimination, harassment, and objecting to or refusing to participate in an illegal activity.

• Workplace Discrimination. Are you an employer who wants to terminate an employee, but is concerned about a lawsuit?  We can advise you on potential liability and ways to avoid a discrimination charge.  If a claim is filed against your business, we will defend your business against the claim.  We counsel, negotiate, or litigate complaints concerning race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, pregnancy or sexual orientation. To prevent discrimination claims, we create effective employment policies and employee handbooks.