Mirsky Policastri LLC guides life and business coaches with entity formation, contract drafting and negotiation, and general counsel and advice.  Your coaching business requires general counsel familiar with the coaching business model and with the forms and contracts necessary to keep your business protected and well-paid.

Still at the information gathering stage?  While our position is that the minute you have a client you are entering into a world of sophisticated business transactions that require the attention of legal counsel, we accept that you may just not be ready yet to meet counsel in person, over the phone or by email, and that is something we have tried to address by creating our members site for coaches.

When you sign up as a member you will receive access to recordings of prior webinars or teleclasses, both of which are accompanied by document templates to assist you merely as a guide to developing your own contracts and entity documents.  That way, when it is time to meet with the lawyer, you will at least have some foundation to work from.  In addition, on the members site, you will receive updates and discussion topics as well as developments and updates on the law that effects this emerging business model.

What you pay for the peace of mind knowing that you can be on top of the law with just a few mouse clicks is a mere $57.00 per month.  This is comparable to many fees for legal pre-paid plans or forms that you can buy off the internet, although we highly recommend AGAINST that way of doing business.  What you get in return is access to webinars recorded and uploaded for you to view on your schedule and you can pose queries on general legal topics that can be answered.  Of course a strategy consult may be warranted and we will tell you the parameters of such a conference so that the conference will be of most value to you.

Terms and conditions

 By signing up for the member site you are agreeing to receive emails and other information from us from time to time, you are agreeing to the generalized informational format and that no specific attorney client relationship is created merely by being a member.  You may discontinue membership at any time with thirty days notice sent by email to or to .  There is no financial penalty and no additional charge.  We may discontinue services to you under the plan at no further cost to you at any time based on our sole discretion; and we may discontinue offering memberships at our sole discretion.  You will not be charged for any month in which you are not a member.



Any disputes will be resolved under Maryland Law and by enrolling in the programs you are irrevocably consenting to the jurisdiction of Maryland and the venue of Montgomery County for any and all disputes arising out of this members site.  All payments will be by credit card you provided and will be charged on a recurring basis as valid charges for services rendered unless you so advise us to cancel with thirty days notice as outlined above.  Any and all claims for chargebacks or other credits are irrevocably waived.