What Should You Do if You Receive a Notice to Employer of Intent to Claim Lien for Unpaid Wages?

First of all, you must act quickly if you are an employer in Maryland.  Under Maryland law, employers only have 30 days from receipt to contest the notice.  If you do nothing during the 30-day period, the employee will then be permitted to file a lien against your property without any further opportunity for you to dispute the claim.

During the 30-day notice period, it is imperative that you file a Complaint to Dispute Lien for Unpaid Wages with the Court.  Accordingly to Maryland law, a hearing on the matter must be scheduled within 45 days after the Complaint is filed with the Court.  If the Court rules against the employer after a full hearing on the claim, the employee is entitled to the reimbursement of his/her legal fees to be paid by the employer.

In sum, once an employee (or their counsel) sends out the required notice to the employer then the burden is on the employer to take immediate action to refute the claim or serious consequences can occur.

A link to the complete law (Section 3-1101, et seq., of the Labor and Employment Article, Maryland Annotated Code) can be found here: