Mirsky Policastri Launches New Firm

Scott Mirsky and Gene Policastri, two experienced trial lawyers, have recently launched Mirsky Policastri, LLC. The new firm, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, focuses on three practice areas: Construction Law, serving primarily architects and engineers; Business Law, providing cost-effective corporate, contracts, and legal advice including contract litigation and real estate litigation; and Employment Law, representing both employers and individuals in employment matters.

Scott has recently tried a number of cases involving the enforcement of noncompete agreements, successfully obtaining preliminary relief pending trial.  He also successfully resolved a proprietary software infringement claim worth over a million dollars.

Gene has this past year successfully arbitrated a water infiltration case and has won an appeal affirming a trial win exonerating a business from millions of dollars of promissory note obligations executed by someone without proper authority.

Office Space and a Vision

We knew we had found the perfect space at 600 Jefferson Plaza, but could we get all the components aligned?  Starting Mirsky Policastri LLC has been exhilarating, fun, and physically exhausting. As we end the first week in December, less than a month into our venture, we have a lot to be proud of and thankful for.

First, we are thankful to our loyal clients who trusted in us and have stuck by us during our transition. MP Law–our nickname, since we dare you to say, “Mirsky Policastri LLC” five times in a row– is a firm based on client service. In our first month as a new firm, we have continued to put client service and quality first and are thrilled to continue to work with our existing client base. Thank you to our clients! Even with the behind-the-scenes efforts of starting up a new venture, we are proud of our continued client service mindset and delivery of quality legal services in November and December.

Second, we are thankful for and will miss our friends and colleagues we parted with at Bromberg Rosenthal LLP. There are so many great memories, fun times, excellent work product, legal strategies, family and professional milestones we shared together.

Now, some behind the scenes insight into what we have been up to this month…

Branding: lots of amazing branding has been delivered this month. We are working hard to get our new name, logo, website and vision out to our clients. We have a logo, letterhead, business cards, updated photos, and a modern look.  A stellar entry sign is ordered and should be installed in the next few weeks.

Facilities and Infrastructure: Our 600 Jefferson Plaza Suite 440 is contemporary and newly built. We love the bright offices and new furniture…most of it has been delivered, but we can’t wait for our conference room tables and our new desk chairs!  We have invested in tools and new technology aimed at providing the best possible services and infrastructure. Our new billing system emails invoices and accepts online, secure credit card payments. We are automating as much as possible and streamlining our communications with you. We have excellent answering services and receive email notifications with messages and voice mails on our smartphones, even from messages left on our desk phones. We are not completely settled, but we are well on our way.

The Little Things: We knew it would be tough, but there are SO many details. We have had fun getting to know our new vendors and they have gotten to know us very well in a short amount of time. We have come a long way from our planning meeting in the Mirsky kitchen to our recent planning meeting at a folding table at the office. By the end of this month, we will be having meetings in our amazing conference room with Skype and video teleconferencing capabilities. The details are endless, but we are creating some memories… registering our URL for this web site one late evening, tracking the landlords all over Rockville to get our new keys, realizing that our furniture would take a few weeks to be delivered, researching three-hole-punch machines, buying single service coffee k-cups that meets everyone’s tastes and preferences, finding the best prices on copy paper, showing our families the new office space, ordering endless amounts of office supplies, and many more memories to come.

Follow our blog to get more updates on our progress. We will share legal news and news about our firm. We will also be announcing several open houses to be hosted at our new office in January.

Here are a few early photos of our office space…

Mirsky Policastri LLC Entry and Conference Room – before furniture

New Receptionist Station… figuring out how to best place it in the room

Mirsky Policastri LLC Entry

Future attorneys running weekend errands with dad